Canadian Made Affordable and Ethical Clothing - Metanoia Boutique

Canadian Made Affordable and Ethical Clothing

Canadian Made Affordable and Ethical Clothing - Metanoia Boutique

It seems every brand claims to be producing eco-friendly clothing made of sustainable materials but often times it’s hard to tell what companies are being truthful and which ones are trying to deceive customers looking to make a sustainable clothing purchase.

There are plenty of Canadian sustainable clothing brands that are gaining popularity for their ethical production and affordability. 

Why we love Canadian made clothing

The reason we love to support Canadian made clothing companies is that the production of any product in the country must abide by federal environmental policies, which in Canada are very strict when compared to policies in other countries. 

Sustainable fashion is becoming more accessible to shoppers with a smaller budget. The quality and craftsmanship of sustainable garments is what sets them apart from fast fashion pieces. 

Sustainable garments are made to last a long time. They are created with higher quality materials that may, upon initial cost, have a higher price tag but are guaranteed to outlive the 15$ tee from a fast fashion retailer.

At Metanoia we have created a curated collection of Canadian made sustainable clothing from ethical brands for men, women, and children. 

Keep reading to learn more about some of these brands.


Dailystory is a sustainable clothing brand based out of Montreal. The brand produces all of its clothing right in the city! Created by partners Stéphanie and Jean-philippe, the pair wanted to create ethical clothing that is casual, stylish, and affordable.

What we love most about this brand is their young and stylish designs. This is a sustainable fashion brand that has taken off as a go-to for young women looking for a cute, ethical outfit at an affordable price. You can get everything from an oversized white button-down to a loungewear collared romper

Another thing to note about their designs is the colour selections! Between the smooth matcha green, rich cinnamon, and classic crème there’s something for everyone. Dailystory creates clothing made of fair trade fibers like cotton, bamboo, and Tencel. They strive to make everyone feel good in their timeless and comfortable designs. 

Shop dailystory here.

Smash and Tess

Smash and Tess romper (made ethically and sustainably in Canada) being worn on owner of Metanoia Boutique Christina.

Smash + Tess is a sustainable brand based in Vancouver, British Columbia. Founded by three women, a mother-daughter-bestfriend trio, the brand strives to create what they call “everywhere” - easy to style, comfortable, high-quality clothing. Smash + Tess gained popularity for their rompers, made of their signature sustainable bamboo rayon and cotton!

Production takes place in the founders’ own backyard to ensure quality, good working conditions, and that environmental protocol is upheld. This brand is all about slowing down the fashion industry and saying goodbye to textile waste. That’s why all of their garments are made in an on-demand system. They will never create more than what customers request.

The company has gained immense popularity recently and have even teamed up with stars like Hillary Duff, Jillian Harris, and popular mommy and body positivity influencer The Birds Papaya. 

Smash + Tess creates their clothing in sizes XXS Petite to XXXL! Join the #Romperrevolution and shop their clothing here.

In Soft Focus 

In Soft Focus is a sustainable loungewear brand created in Ontario. When leaving her 9-5 job, designer Sammi Smith was looking for a more relaxed wardrobe for working from home that still felt stylish and structured. Thus, Soft Focus was born. 

With many of us still working virtually, it can be hard to get into a routine and change out of our comfy sweatpants that we’ve worn the past three days. What I love about In Soft Focus is the structure and luxury incorporated into their comfortable designs. It makes you feel like you’re getting dressed up without the discomfort of squeezing into a stiff pair of skinny jeans.

Using natural fibers like cotton and Tencel, Sammi curated a line of comfortable, sustainably produced loungewear. In Soft Focus was made to fit the needs of the modern woman. 

In Soft Foocus manufactures certain pieces in Canada and others ethically elsewhere so be sure to check the description on the individual product's page for details.

Simple, elegant, and relaxed are the three words Sammi uses to describe her brand. Shop In Soft Focus here.



BELLANTONI is one of our favourite sustainable brands because of it’s unique designs and classic style. Created by sustainable fashion designer Bianca Bellantoni, the brand was born just after the founder finished her studies in fashion design at Ryerson University in Toronto. While studying design Bianca found herself contemplating leaving the program for an alternate career because of the waste and environmentally destructive nature of the fashion industry. Hearing facts like “over 5% of waste in landfills are textile garments”. Bianca wondered if she would be able to work in an industry that seemed so indifferent to the horrible impact they were having on the environment. Instead, Bianca decided she would create a solution, her own sustainable clothing company. She moved back to Vancouver and began her business in 2017. 

BELLANTONI uses sustainable fabrics like Tencel, organic cotton, and linen that are all certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard to ensure each material is 100% ethically made. Select items are made of reclaimed fabric. 

Shop Bellantoni here

North Kinder

Kids canadian made sustainable clothing being modeled. Red shorts and white tank made by North Kinder.

This ethical brand has something for everyone. Creator Sheena Steinbrenner wanted to dress her children in clothing that was good for the environment, especially because they were growing out of them so quickly. Sheen wanted to make sure the things she was donating to second-hand stores or passing onto family could have multiple lifecycles with other children. North Kinder creates everything from onesies for newborns, to kids tees and pants, to sweaters for mom and dad. Sheena takes care in every aspect of the brands sustainable efforts. North Kinder sources all material from a Canadian fabric distributor that certifies OEKO-TEX fabrics. Even their tags and created by a local Vancouver business. 

Sustainable clothing doesn’t get more authentic than North Kinder. 

Shop their baby, kids, and adult clothing here

At Metanoia we care about supporting Canadian made brands! Our goal is to make sustainable clothing accessible to you no matter your size, income, or age! We have something sustainable for everyone. 

Check out our Made in Canada page and message us if you have any questions!


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