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Hi! I'm Christina, the owner of Metanoia. I believe it should be easier to find ethically made, sustainable fashion.

My journey started by learning about how many textiles actually end up in landfills, and how labour intensive it is to create a lot of fabrics. This is why I started The Denim Project, to keep denim out of landfills.

Metanoia is the journey of changing one's mind, heart, self, or way of life. We're here to help you along the journey of changing your shopping habits.

Metanoia Boutique is a curated marketplace of independent sustainable clothing brands. 
Metanoia Boutique started as an idea: it should be easier to find ethically made, sustainable fashion.
I learned about the detrimental impact the fashion industry has on the environment and the mistreatment faced by many of the garment industry's workers during my first year of studies in Fashion Business Management at Seneca College. I promised myself that I would choose to support brands that were doing what they could to be responsible producers.
It started by changing my own shopping habits: ditching fast fashion and researching brands that fit my values. Turns out it is challenging to find items that fit my style at a price point I could afford. I also tried to thrift pieces when I found something missing in my wardrobe. However, even thrifting had its drawbacks. It takes time, dedication, and patience. Now you see why most people would turn to a $5 basic T-shirt at any fast fashion retailer where it falls apart within a few wears, ends up in a landfill and is replaced with another $5 T-shirt.
What if you could invest in a well made T-shirt for a slightly higher upfront cost that would last you a lifetime, lowering the cost per wear, and didn't harm garment workers and the planet in the process?