New Years Intentions 2023 - Metanoia Boutique

New Years Intentions 2023

New Years Intentions 2023 - Metanoia Boutique

Are you the type of person that makes resolutions every year but never sticks to them? I have definitely been that way in the past.  

A resolution, by definition, is a firm decision to do or not to do something. Holding ourselves to these rigid standards may be the reason we are unable to keep them. For 2023, I am aiming to make intentions, not resolutions, so that I give myself the freedom to build habits slowly and be kind with myself. 

Here are 5 Intentions I am setting for the New Year:

1. Develop and keep a morning and evening routine

This can set your day up right. I want to have a routine I am able to repeat even if I am away travelling to give my day a sense of structure regardless of where I am. This can include using the same skincare products, making a coffee, and reading a book before bed rather than scrolling on my phone.

2. Minimize possessions

I know first hand how overwhelming your space can become when cluttered with items you don't need or don't use. The start of a new year can be the perfect time to let go of items that weigh you down. I intend to do this at the beginning of every month so that it is a slow process and items get donated or gifted to family and friends who will get more use out of them than I do. 

3. Read more

Since I am no longer a student for the first time in my life, I finally have time to read for fun again. When I was younger I was obsessed with reading, and I want to bring that habit back. I have set a goal for myself to read 48 books in 2023 (just two every month). As well, I want to make some of those books educational (either business or self improvement related) so I can be learning as well as hitting my reading goal.

If you want to follow along with my reading journey, be my friend on Goodreads! 

4. Unsubscribe (to what no longer serves you)

Although this is similar to intention #2, this relates to my digital space. My inbox is always full of promotional emails from brands I don't relate to, and my social media is full of things I don't enjoy seeing. I want to unsubscribe and unfollow accounts that no longer work for me or that I don't get value from. This will lessen the mental burden of always deleting emails or scrolling past things when I could just be seeing what I like.

5. Explore your own city

So many new changes are coming to Grand Bend this year and I want to visit many of the places I have not previously, as well as introduce my friends to the places I already love. I am someone that loves travel in all means, but we can often forget to be tourists in our own cities. In 2023 I want to continue to support my local community and try to see it through the eyes of the many visitors we get every year. (This will also help me be able to make recommendations and give advice to those who ask me where to shop/eat/stay in our lovely little town).

Intentions and goals don't always have to be productive, they can be things that bring a sense of balance into your life or indulge in your passions. Although it is good to set intentions that can further you in your career, finances, or personal health, it is often hard to stick to those when we are hard on ourselves. Try to set intentions and build habits that become routine to you rather than an end goal to "meet". The new year doesn't have to be a great start to a new lifestyle, you can change your habits at any time and revisit intentions as needed. A lot has happened over the past few years, we need to be kind to ourselves and take things slow. 


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