Small Changes for a More Eco-Friendly Life - Metanoia Boutique

Small Changes for a More Eco-Friendly Life

Small Changes for a More Eco-Friendly Life - Metanoia Boutique

Have you ever helped a friend move (or moved yourself) and realized just how much you can accumulated over a short few years?

Some changes can be obvious to reduce your carbon footprint and the amount of waste you produce on a regular basis. Changes like using a reusable water bottle instead of plastic disposable ones, turning off the tap when you brush your teeth, remembering to bring your own grocery bags to the grocery store. Others, not so much.

1. Say No to Freebies

How many events have you been to where they hand out free t-shirts, lanyards, sunglasses, or tote bags. Do you really use those things, or do they just collect dust and never see the light of day? Save yourself the trash and say no to freebies, your junk drawer will thank you too.

2. Wear What You Own

Buying things for every event is so last season and fills your closet with pieces you never reach for. I promise no one will remember you wearing the same dress to multiple events. Having a closet full of pieces you love and reach for often is better than digging through pieces you don't know how to make work or wore once. Check our Closet Audit blog post for more info on this.

3. Try Reusable

When did paper towel get so trendy? Our grandparents managed just fine with cloths to clean up spills and washed them - ready to be used for the next mess. Or aluminum foil? Single use and bound for the trash, instead try a silicone baking mat. You can find them almost anywhere now and they can be reused (even better, you won't get bits of tinfoil stuck to your next meal).

4. Clean Up Your Laundry Routine

Most dryer sheets are made out of synthetic materials that will never break down, and all of them are destined for landfills. Instead, try a reusable wool dryer ball to keep your clothes static free. Another way to reduce waste in your laundry routine is by switching to a non-liquid detergent, try old school powdered detergent or even laundry strips!

5. Plastic Free Shower

We all know about bar soap for washing your hands (and yourself), but have you heard about shampoo bars? They even make conditioner in bar form. These hair care items in bar form can last 2-3x longer than conventional products, all without the plastic.

           P.S. these are even better for travel, leaving you extra room in your liquids bags. 

Always remember that small changes add up over time and you don't need to do everything all at once. Sometimes ideas like making your own toothpaste seem out of reach for most people, but little everyday rituals can be more realistic. If any of these ideas called to you, try and make the switch and the planet will thank you for it. 


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